BBC News Reports “Sickest NHS patients ‘face hours on trolleys'”

bbc reports Sickest NHS patients 'face hours on trolleys'

The BBC News website is today reporting that…

Many of the most seriously ill patients are waiting for hours on trolleys and in corridors as the NHS struggles to find them beds, BBC research shows.

Nearly a quarter of patients admitted on to wards during December and January in England faced delays of more than four hours before a bed could be found.”

This is a worrying trend in NHS Trusts and totally understandable based on the pressures they are put under. 

This is exactly why Portland Clinical was started, in order to help NHS Trusts deal with some of the added pressures they are currently experiencing.

To find out how Portland Clinical can help to lessen issues like this, please feel free to read more.

Our three key areas currently are

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To read the full BBC News Article, just click here.

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